Innovating the future

through genomics

and Artificial Intelligence


The Biotech Institute is a hybrid academic–biotech institute with the mission to promote good health and economic prosperity in Sub-saharan Africa through leveraging innovative technologies in biomedicine, agriculture and education. Strong emphasis is placed on collaborative regional and international research, that also involves Zimbabwean experts in the diaspora. The involvement of the African diaspora in local projects is key to sustainable continental development and stability. This institute is the first part of a private university planned in the long-term. 

The Biotech Institute is currently composed of three departments: 1) Technical Services (‘Omics Competence Center’), 2) Research and Education and 3) Public Health.  

The Omics Competence Center primarily focuses on offering complex genomic services and tests that are currently not available in Zimbabwe, or that are of limited availability in Subsaharan Africa.

The Research and Education department conducts both basic and applied biomedical and agricultural research & education, with emphasis on molecular and computational genomics.

The Public Health department is the primary social arm of the institute. Current foci are tackling women and child health, as well as SARS-CoV-2.

With the aim of securing our supply chains and networks, we also act as distributors for select instrumentation and consumables in Sub-saharan Africa.