INNOVATING AFRICA's FUTURE Through genomics & Artificial INtelligence 

The Biotech Institute is an academic-biotech institution located in Harare, Zimbabwe. Our VISION is to become the leading, state-of-the-art, globally-competitive and socially responsible institution in Sub-saharan Africa, with a primary focus on providing genomics and machine learning driven health services, research and education.

what drives us?

The Biotech Institute Zimbabwe aims to be the pinnacle of innovative HEALTH research in Sub-saharan Africa. Sub-saharan Africa is devastated by many diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Sepsis and Malaria due to lack of diagnostic capacity, the increase in drug resistance as well as the lack of human expertise due primarily to severe brain drain. Our institute aims to close these gaps and propel Zimbabwe and the Southern African region into the future in which the sustainable development goals are met.

Further, we thrive to attain FOOD SECURITY through research in sustainable agriculture and reduction of waste due to spoilage of harvest. We advocate strongly for green agriculture and the design and adoption of food systems of the future. 

Our path towards quality health and food security is guided by INNOVATIVE RESEARCH AND EDUCATION. Our philosophy is founded in the discovery, development and application of dynamic cutting-edge tools and methodologies that make African socieites highly responsive to the ever-changing challenges such as climate change, population growth and disease. 

OUR strengths

Innovative Research & Modern Education

Visionary leadership and expertise

World-class global partnerships

We care of about our community!