Prof. Dr. Brighton Samatanga (Founder & Chief Scientific Officer)

Brighton is Founder, Chief Scientific Officer and interim CEO of The Biotech Institute (Zimbabwe), Founder & CEO of the sister company called Mutapa (Germany), and he is also Professor for Physics of Biological and Soft Matter at Leipzig University in Germany. He is a molecular biophysicist with a general focus on unraveling the mechanisms of genome regulation. He is particularly fascinated by DNA and RNA regulation as well as the possibility to mimic, manipulate and reprogram these genomic and cellular processes. He holds a BSc. degree in Biochemical Engineering from the Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. His research there focused on the rational design and directed evolution of new enzymes. He conducted his MSc. degree in Biological Recognition at the same university, with a focus on the transport of antibiotics through membrane proteins. He received his PhD in Molecular Biophysics from Switzerland’s leading university, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). His PhD thesis dissected the thermodynamics and dynamics of alternative splicing regulation by two major families of proteins. Subsequently, he pursued two successive post-doctoral stays at the University of Muenster and the University of Leipzig in Germany, where he employed single molecule techniques to dissect the regulation of the genome by RNA helicases and by CRISPR/Cas proteins, respectively. He holds several awards, has many peer-reviewed publications, is a reviewer for internationally acclaimed peer-review journals such as Nucleic Acids Research, and is also a member of various professional organizations such as the German Biophysical Society.

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