Our VISION is to become the leading innovative, globally-competitive and socially responsible academic-biotech institute in Sub-saharan Africa, with a primary focus on providing genomics and machine learning driven health services, research and education.

Our MISSION is to promote good health and economic prosperity in Africa through the development of high-tech institutions and infrastructure that leverage innovative technologies in the areas of biomedicine, agriculture and education. We also provide our employees with a stimulating and fun working environment, as well as a meaningful purpose. 

The PHILOSOPHY is to be guided by intelligent scientific curiosity, integrity, fun and ubuntu in the dedicated, diligent and ethical pursuit of new knowledge and innovations for the betterment of all.


  • We dare to dream big.
  • We believe in quality, honest work.
  • We have a pioneering spirit.
  • Game-changing technologies are our friends.
  • Our community matters.
  • Not having fun is a crime :)!

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