The Biotech Institute has solid interest on the development of advanced cutting-edge software for a variety of biomedical applications. Our software engineering places special focus on security of health data and properly managing the usage and sharing of such data. Every effort is made to provide the software for free, or at very affordable pricing.


To strengthen digital health data security by Medical laboratories, we have created the BIOSPACE application. Our method is comprised of two components:

Windows Application - for your Medical Laboratories to securely store, manage, and share with permissions your health digital data. You can now register, produce QR-Coded certificates with results information. All your information is secure and available to your customers with your permissions. If presented and scanned, the QR-Code can be verified by our servers.

Android App - freely available to your customers to view their digital health data with "read-only" permissions. 



In order to execute our services efficiently, securely and to continually improve and expand our application to other platforms, we offer the following packages and their respective costs.

  • No registration fees
  • No installation fees
  • No service fees


A pre-requisite to downloading the windows appication below is to register your Medical Laboratory with your information below in the form below:



Download the Biospace windows installer and follow the simple installation instructions. Installation a few clicks away to completion.

BioSpace V0.1.4 Installer:

BioSpace V0.1.4 Installer.exe
Download File

The BioSpace Android App is freely available to any of your customers. Follow login instructions when you open the App for the first time.

BioSpace Android App

Server IP: