Our fellows are young next generation scientists that are enthusiastic about the development of African research and innovation. They are important in promoting different values and ideas of the institute, as well as are a source of special expertise and assistance for the institute.

Nathasia Muwanigwa

Nathasia Mudiwa Muwanigwa is a neurobiology PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg. Her research focuses on using advanced 3D stem cell-based models to study the molecular mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease. She holds a BSc in Human Biology, summa cum laude, from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and a Research Master’s in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease from Radboud University (Netherlands). She is also an early career panelist for Neuro Central, an online hub that delivers high quality content uniting neurology and neuroscience. She is the co-founder and director of Visibility STEM Africa, an initiative that amplifies the voices of Africans in STEM across the globe to provide visible role models for the next generation of Africans interested in pursuing STEM careers.

Charlene Chabata

Charlene Chabata is a 4th-year PhD candidate in Pharmacology at Duke University in the Sullenger laboratory, in the U.S.A. She obtained her BSc Honors degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Brown University in the USA. She also conducted several drug discovery research projects in the USA and South Africa. Charlene also has several publications and awards, including the 'Richard J. gross Senior Prize in Experimental biology' at brown university. She is passionate about pharmaceutical and science research and education in Zimbabwe and Africa.

Nataša Lazarević

Nataša is a PhD researcher in the fields of digital health, machine learning and anatomy at the University of Sydney. She grew up in Botswana and has lived in Germany, Serbia, the United Arab Emirates and is now living in Australia. She also completed an Honours in Immunology and Infectious Diseases and loves interdisciplinary projects. She thoroughly enjoys teaching undergraduate and medical students anatomy and histology. Nataša is also the co-founder of Visibility STEM Africa, which promotes the visibility of Africans in STEM and provides them with opportunities to flourish. She is passionate about promoting the equality of underrepresented groups in STEM, science communication and coordinating public health outreach projects.

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