The Biotech Institute is a state-of-the-art institute that is primarily led by Africans with solid international experience and exposure at the world's leading institutions such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The institute exploits this expertise to advise and consult different government departments, policy-makers, companies and non-governmental organizations on various aspects related to biotechnology, genomics and other technologies.

Examples of cutting-edge topics where our expertise come into play include;

  • Participation of Africans in the revolutionary CRISPR/Cas technology, its manipulation and regulation, as well as the ethics.
  • Exploitation of molecular biotechnology and nanobiotechnology to enhance food security, and alleviate the impact of climate change.
  • Strategizing on increasing the culture of innovative research and patent-oriented innovation.
  • Acquisition of advanced technologies that are cheaper and more efficient.
  • Addressing cost and sustainability in biotechnology.
  • Enhancing the capacity of African companies, universities and researchers to manufacture own reagents and instrumentation.

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