The group of Dr. Taurai Tasara at the Institute of Food Safety and Hygiene, at the University of Zurich in Switzerland is a close research collaboration partner.

Visibility STEM Africa is a non-profit organization that promotes the visibility of Africans in STEM and provides them with opportunities to flourish. The partners assist with outreach work and branding.

The USAP program provides opportunities students who excel academically and are from underpriviledged backgrounds.

The Biotech Institute is an institutional and corporate partner of the African Biogenome Project (ABP). Our institute is also the node of ABP in Zimbabwe.

The Biotech Institute has partnership with the Zimbabwe Center for High Performance Computing (ZCHPC). We have access to ZCHPC's supercomputer for our computational, bioinformatics, modelling, and artificial intelligence research.

The Biotech Institute is the scientific and technical partner of ZIHT in the research and bioanalytical aspects of medicinal cannabis, hemp and agricultural extension services.

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