Scientific equipment and medical devices

 The Biotech Institute started distribution as way to secure its access to affordable instrumentation and consumables. This also allows us to share our expertise with our partners in the region, and also assist in the servicing of instrumentation, which is a mjor challenge in Sub-saharan Africa.

We value our cooperation with the Taiwan company Maestrogen. They make high tech modularized instrumentation that is affordable for Sub-saharan Africa. Key to our partnership is also the fact they take our advice and needs into consideration during some of the deisgn and manufacturing processes. Further, Maestrogen produces various high quality laboratory consumables e.g. DNA ladders at affordable pricies.

MaestroGen Intelligent UVC Sterilizer is an intelligent device to disinfect your environment. By using no chemicals but UVC germicidal lamps,  it can effectively kill 99.9% germs. There is no need to clean up after use.

MaestroGen Intelligent UVC Sterilizer can be connected to a wireless network for operation via a mobile phone or tablet devices. Both App Store and Google Play offer the app.

MaestroNano Pro is a spectrophotometer for bio-chemical research only. The main function is micro volume concentration quantification, for nucleic acid including double-stranded nucleic acid (dsDNA), single-strandaded nucleic acid (ssDNA), and ribonucleic acid (RNA), or protein solution.

To satisfy most users requirements for concentration measurement, MaestroNano Pro defines a most reliable measurement range of concentration of 2-2000 ng/uL, and successfully resist the interferences of ambient light to achieve more accurate measurement results.

After dispensing sample on the surface of the central area of the  quartz glass, users can select sample type and begin to measure.