The Biotech Institute is a philosophy. It is growing rapidly and increasingly gaining capacity to fulfill its mission. In this endeavor, we are continuously seeking suitable candidates to join and assist us in our journey. Ours is however not an institution for technicians, although great technical ability is greatly required and promoted. Ours is a place for motivated and inquisitive scientists that are naiive enough to think they can make a difference in the fabric of global innovation despite being located in Africa. We have great respect for independent thinkers, doers, risk takers, that are however very diligent, critical and methodical in their execution.

Our mode of operation is highly interdisciplinary. We therefore have entry level, mid level and senior level opportunities for talented and aspiring individuals with backgrounds in clinical sciences, physics, chemistry, genetics, computer sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry and related sciences. With the exception of interns, our entry level positions require a masters degree. International exposure is very advantageous.

Applications are welcome at any time, to be provided as single pdf via email to applications@biotechinst.com.

Due to a general high influx of applications, we typically can only reply to the most promising candidates, but will aspire to give responses to other unsucessful but serious candidates wherever necessary.

Every initial application should include just a cover letter and a CV, with the cover letter clearly explaining why you want to join our institute and what difference you expect to make.


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