PhD in MOLEcular and computational genomics

Opportunities available from August 2022!!

Our PhD program is highly ambitious and combines molecular, biophysical and computational (in particular machine learning) approaches in understanding, accessing and unleashing the power of genomic information. Genomic information is critical to the prevention, detection and diagnostics of different microbes causing diseases such as tuberculosis, cholera, influenza, malaria, AIDS etc. It is also important in understanding the causes, progression, curing and recurrence of cancers and rare diseases. The impact is wider and extends to agriculture.

Applicants to this program should have highly rated quantitative bachelors and masters degrees in life sciences or computer sciences. They should also possess strong curiosity and keen interest on working at the interface of different fields. Candidates should expect to travel and conduct short visits to partner labs in Europe.

This program will be launched in August 2022. For preliminary enquiries please contact: admin(at)

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